MIRC Trbls.. Not sure where this post goes..

Discussion in 'Site Discussions & Suggestions' started by DarkWing, Dec 24, 2002.

  1. DarkWing

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    Nov 4, 2002
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    Man I have been trying to get to the Mirc site for the longest time.. Was able to do it once.. But since then I have continually received the Unable to resolve server error... I have went through all the options on fixing the error but still I receive it...

    Can someone PLEASE help me fix it and get me goin again... Is there any other programs than MIRC that u can use?

    All Help Appreciated
  2. AMPonzi

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    Dec 20, 2002
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    mIRC is a GBA emulator? That's really awesome. Wrong section buddy.

  3. Angelical_1

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    Nov 5, 2002
    England, U.K

    mIRC is an IRC ("I"nternet "R"elay "C"hat) client (www.mirc.co.uk) which allows you to connect to IRC.

    Intructions for setting mIRC up can be found at http://digilander.libero.it/mircfaq/

    Make sure you choose EFnet as the IRC network and then select random server. There are a few number of servers available to connect to the EFnet network so it might have to try more than one.

    You might need to set up the CONNECT > OPTION > RETRY in the options menu and set it to "try next server in group"

    mIRC really is the best option for IRC I'd not suggest you try any other clients, as the issue is not with mIRC but possibly your connection.

    I hope this information can be of help.

    Regards Angelical_1

    (ps moving topic to "Suggestions and Forum Help")
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